Have a home or business? Need services?

Having a home or business requires putting in lots of work. And that equates money, whichever way you slice it.

So you figure you can go it alone by becoming that courageous weekend warrior you are, and convince your stubborn ego into the DIY mentality.

Kudos to those brave hearts who manage to complete a job well done.

But what if you aren’t a DYI person? What if you’re a contractor looking to hire sub-contractors to complete your projects?

That’s why there’s Pristine Leads.

A new home service platform created by a homeowner and contractor. That would be me, Frankie.

Find flooring contractors, plumbers, roofers, kitchen remodeling contractors, painters, handyman, electricians, and more.

Now offering real estate referral services from potential home buyers and people seeking apartment rentals.

No contract required.

Join today!

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